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Philippines Cauayan Mission

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Be Prepared

As most of you know, Jarom did not enter the MTC on July 18th as originally planned.  He will now enter the MTC 10 Oct 2012.  His reasons for postponing his mission are personal though I am very proud of him for having the strength and the courage to stand up and say, "I am not quite prepared".
Over the last couple of weeks I have seen the wisdom and the blessings that have come from his decision.  A couple of those blessing include being in the MTC with one of his best friends, and the opportunity this date has given all of us to attend General Conference in person!  This opportunity will be an amazing spiritual experience for all of us, but especially for Jarom.
I have no doubt the Lord has an amazing work for Jarom to do in the Philippines because the adversary has done everything in his power to keep him from it.  I am sure this added time of preparation is making him stronger in testimony and closer to Heavenly Father.
"...yea, and they had waxed strong in the knowledge of the truth; for they were men of a sound understanding and had searched the scriptures diligently, that they might know the word of God. But this is not all; they had given themselves to much prayer, and fasting...and when they taught, they taught with power and authority of God."
Alma 17: 2-3