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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Last week, Jarom's email was just three lines:

I am being transferred!!!!  I don't know anything yet  but I will update next week.  I am super
busy today and have to go but I love you and tell Dad, Heber, Kevin, and everyone else Happy
Fathers Day and that I love them!!

Love Elder Odom

How exciting!  He had served in Benito Soliven since he arrived in the mission field - six months.  Now, his first transfer.  I prayed all last week very specifically that he would have the Spirit with him - that he would adjust to his transfer, to his new companion, and to whatever the work was to be like where he would be going.  I had no idea he would be called as a District Leader!

I had the same experience when he got sick. He had mentioned he was sick, and not knowing how very sick he was, I prayed every day very specifically that he would be blessed with health and strength, that he would eat healthy, hydrate adequately, and be able to rest.

These experiences strengthen my testimony that Heavenly Father knows each and every one of His children. He knows what we need before we do.  He will put into our hearts and our minds what to pray for - for ourselves and for our loved ones.  How amazing is that?  It is very amazing!

I am so thankful to know that we are literally children of our Father in Heaven; that He created us, He loves us, He is aware of us, He is there.  The heavens are open and we can go to Him at any time, in any place, for anything - and through the Spirit we can communicate with Him and He will communicate with us.

Elder Odom...

Brother and Sister Odom...

Your son has recently been asked to serve as a district leader in the Philippines Cauayan Mission...in this role he will...not only continue to serve as a missionary but also as a leader, motivator, teacher, facilitator, and manager.  This will require effective planning and execution as well as greater dependence on the Lord.

As a leader he will accomplish his work through the people he leads.  He will love, lift, lead and manage a number of other missionaries.  It will be his privilege to trust the Lord as Nephi, "not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.  Nevertheless I went forth..."  This does not mean Nephi was not prepared.  But even in strange and unsure situations he did his job knowing the Lord would help.

President Rudy A. Carlos