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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Q & A

I get the most information from Jarom when I send him an email of questions.  This is the last Q & A we had!
Mom: Tell me about your companion...
Jarom: Elder Thayn is from a 3000 acre farm in Utah...he is the eldest of four...was a huge video game nerd...his sport is chess...and his favorite food is pizza and corn flakes.
Mom: Tell me about your apartment...
Jarom: We have a nice apartment compared to a lot.  There are frogs, bugs, lizards, rats, mice, and a giant spider in it along with mosquitos that carry Dengue.
Mom: Tell me about your town...
Jarom: Lagawe is a little town - surrounded by mountains and rice terraces.
Mom: Tell me about your branch...
Jarom: We have an average of 40 to 60 that come to church every Sunday, and they all stay for all three hours.  They are great!  I love the members here!
Mom: Have you seen the drunk guy again?  (I'll have to post that story later!)
Jarom: We haven't seen that drunk guy yet, but we have seen many more and we get excited every time we encounter one because they are so nice - and sooooo funny!
Mom: Can you believe you have almost hit the one year mark?
Jarom: Yes and no. I try not to think about that very much or I get depressed because I don't want to  come home.
Mom: Are you keeping your journal?
Jarom: I am keeping a journal.  Large and small plates.
Mom: What happened with your heart was such a miracle.  How did that affect the people in your area?
Jarom: They were fasting for me and really concerned, and when I would share a message about prayer and fasting I would share that story - it was something that really got them listening.

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