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Philippines Cauayan Mission

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Look what we found there...my sweet little Ashley!
Look what else we found...Elizabeth!!!  So many treasures found on the BYU campus!
The "Y" on the mountain overlooking Provo

Provo Temple

 The Missionary Mall is awesome!  We went in on Monday and got Jarom's suit, all his slacks and white shirts, and other misc stuff he needed.  They had all the pants and the suit tailored and ready for us to pick up on Tuesday.  The shoes he needed for the Philippines had to be ordered and when they came in, they delivered them to the MTC!  They also have a registry so friends and family can help get your missionary ready to go!

This is a big map inside The Missionary Mall
 Elder Tanner Arsenault: California Los Angles - Spanish speaking
Elder Jarom Odom: Philippines Cayauan
They will be serving on opposite ends of the earth!


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