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Friday, December 14, 2012

He Made It To The Philippines!

The phone rang Wednesday evening (12/12/12) but I didn't answer it because I didn't recognize the number - which was a totally unfamiliar number.  A message was left and when I listened to my voicemail, I found it was Jarom!  He had called to tell us he had arrived safely at the Philippines Cauayan mission home.  I was SO disappointed we didn't get to talk to him - more disappointed that he had arrived and called home, and that HE didn't get to talk to anybody.  After one frustration after another, I was able to call back and speak to Elder Lakey (whose name I recognized from Sister Carlos' blog).  I explained that I had missed Elder Odom's call and was wondering if I could speak to him.  He told me the missionaries had just left for a meeting where all the new missionaries were being introduced and would be meeting their new companions.  He said he would check with President Carolos and see if Jarom might be able to call back.  It wasn't guaranteed, so when the phone rang a couple of hours later with that same number...YAY!  I was able to talk to Jarom for a few minutes.  He was exhausted, but had hit the ground running!  His companion was with him - he's from the Philippines, so I  couldn't understand his name  He wasn't sure what area he would be in - I'm sure he was completely overwhelmed, and he said they were teaching a lesson that evening.  He said he had gotten on the bus in Manila the night before at 7:00 pm and had arrived in Cauayan at 7:00 am - a twelve hour bus ride through the mountains.  He said the bus driver was crazy - he really enjoyed it!  Thank you to Sister Lundy, whose son is also serving in the Cauayan mission, for this correction: the Philippines is actually fourteen hours ahead of Texas.  So right this minute (Friday, 12/14/12 @ 7:00pm) it is Saturday, 12/15/12 @ 9:00am - crazy, huh?!  Jarom left SLC Monday night and arrive at the mission home Wednesday night - quite a journey!  His P-day will be on Monday, so we look forward to his first email from the mission field!!!

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