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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Journey Begins

Jarom is in the air!  We are tracking him on Flight Tracker - Delta 1211!  I realized I didn't get his entire itinerary - maybe I'll be able to figure it out.  He flies from SLC to LA - he'll arrive there one hour earlier than when he left!  He'll then fly to Hong Kong, then Manila.  When he gets to Manila he will get on a bus for eight to ten hours and travel to his area - Cauayan.  The Philippines is ten hours earlier than Texas, so he will have left Utah Monday night and arrive in the Philippines Monday morning or afternoon - crazy!
This has been a very emotional day for me.  It started with finding an email he sent early this morning.  You could feel his excitement!!!  His letter was full of the things he has learned over the last nine weeks at the MTC, and his burning testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  There is nothing as joyful as your child's testimony!
Then this evening he called us from the airport.  That was awesome!  I saw that 801 area code and screamed, "it's Elder Odom!"  The best part of the conversation was right before we hung up,  Jarom said a prayer in Tagalog.  Wow! 
He is ready to start teaching the gospel and serving the Lord!


  1. Hi Sister Odom,
    I thought you might need this information.
    Our son is in the Philippines Cauayan Mission and the time there is 14 hour head of you in Texas. For example if it is 7 pm Tuesday 12/11/12 then it is 9am Wednesday there 12/12/12. I hope this helps you.