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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bits and Pieces of THREE emails

(haha - I LOVE this picture!)
There is something new.  I can't dunk here anymore.  (hasn't he said that before?!) We were walking to a lesson and kids asked me to dunk so I dunked it with two hands and then they said, "Again!"  I took a running start and threw it down, broke the rim, and flattened the ball!  The rim is barely hanging now.  I had to give them my ball...
My week has been pretty busy. LIKE ALWAYS!  We only taught fifteen lessons last week.  I swear these members punt us every day!  When you say you've been punted, it means they kicked the lesson so NO LESSON!  Some days we get SUPER PUNTED!  That means no lessons the whole day.  It happens two or three times a week.  We don't have any baptismal dates yet, but we do have two new investigators who are awesome and we will get another new one this week who is amazing!  She asked if it was okay to ask us a question!!!!!  That's just awesome!
This week has been an awesome one because we've had to work really hard.  We had FIFTY-FIVE members come to church and a record high attendance in Priesthood in years!  Fasting helps so much.  I've fasted every Sunday since being in the field and I plan on fasting every Sunday while I am here in the Philippines.  It truly is powerful and I love the gospel because it makes you work!  When you are truly baptized by fire, you will desire to follow the commandments.  It's just how to get there.  How you get there is to follow the commandments and apply them.  It's as simple as that.  I love this gospel.
I had a few spiritual experiences this past week.  Last night we went to a member's house for no reason and it was late.  Turns out that a girl that had just had a baby lost a lot of blood and was fainting.  We gave her a blessing...I had the privilege to give a blessing to a baby that is less than a month old.  The power of faith is where blessings come from...
  The language is coming and I'm working my hardest every day for everyone to make y'all proud of me.  I love y'all and I WILL see you soon.  I love you all.
Love, Elder Odom

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