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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Glimpses of Elder Odom in the Philippines!

We have been stalking Sister Carlos' blog since Jarom arrived in the mission field desperately looking for any glimpse of our Elder Odom.  New posts have  come and gone with no sign of him...until tonight!!!
The captions are taken from Sister Carlos' blog...

"Here they come!  We greeted 13 awesome, new, eager, excited missionaries.  Only two this time from the US: Elder Odom and Sister Flory.  The rest are all from various regions of the Philippines."
Can you pick Jarom out?! 
"This batch was ready to sing at our transfer meeting!  Despite traveling for hours, they were ready and eager to join in and sing for the rest of the missionaries.  We were so impressed!"

So exciting to see these pictures!!!   

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