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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Basketball, Dogs, and Baptism Dates!

Dear Everyone,
I woke up this morning, P-Day, and played basketball and dunked it and broke someone's goal!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Whoops.  No more dunking for me...

...then as we were walking to the church to play, we saw these people roasting a whole dog!!!  It was crazy!!!

Okay now to the important stuff.  This past week has been a great one.  I've been praying for everyone back home individually about their needs in their lives.  I fast also and hope all is well...
...we are getting more less active members showing up to church now!!  AAANNNDDD WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR!!!!!  She is twenty-one and is on her last year of college.  She's going to be an elementary teacher.  She lives with her aunt and uncle who are members and she really wants to know the truth.  She already has come to church with them twice in a row and last night I asked her if she'll be baptized when Heavenly Father answers her prayers and she said yes!!  She has a baptismal date for January 27th, 2013!!  TAGUMPAY!!!  That means success.  The work is finally starting to pick up...
Elder Odom


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